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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New nephew

Last Sunday,after visited my MIL in Gombak,the whole family decided to visit my brother in law and his wife.New members has arrived!!!Congrats Bepih and Awin...Personally,i mmg takut nak carry baby kecik,sbb dia kecik sgt takot satg terpeleot ape2 ke..naya aku!!!tapi bila my MIL,SIS semua suruh2 i try,i pun try laaa..hahahah..seronok pulak..tiba2 naluri keibuan telah terkeluar...jeng..jeng..Nak?Memang laa nakk...tapiiiii...i have to rest first then i ve planned for my master this year...mmg kena pikir twice thrice jugaklahh kannn furthermore my husband will be away for long period..

Haa..anyway the baby name is Harith..maybe he will have the second name..dunno yet..still deciding..

                                           P/s: Harith,u a good boy to mummy n daddy yah!!ameen...

                                             GREY CAR SEAT FOR HARITH FROM MAMA NOUREL.!!!!!

P/S: Baby dust to all !!! xoxo

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