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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I m a blogger now!!!!!

Salam dear viewers,

Firstly,i m so excited after i received feedback from the facebookers regarding the opening of this blog..ALHAMDULILAH,ALHAMDULILAH,ALHAMDULILAH...sangat teruja nak bukak blog ni and also special thank to the very nice lady,Eila Lala for suggest me to do malam-malam takder la i boredom sangat..lots of thing to be tell and share kan  and its nature for woman like me nak share stories and opinions. 
Its been too  much stuffs i 've been thinking about, ape yang menarik  nak di sharekan..somethings yang mungkin boleh di manafaatkan oleh everyone yang baca this blog. At this moment i write this,i mmg daaa tak sabar nak tulis more feeling went crazy...tapi daaa almost 12 dahh kan..i need to sleep now..hopefully,tomorrow will be a great day for us...inshallah..and i miss my husband so much(wherever you are)!!



  1. as salam..
    eila lala?


    tahniah!selamat berblogging dan menjana pendapatan di masa terluang :)

  2. thanks u...dia adalah beliau..ehehhehe..

  3. yahuuuu.... baguih!! baguihh! ^_^ hehehh.. leh laa kongsi2..ilmu ekk dikkkkk...thanx...