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Monday, March 7, 2011

Show me your jalwaaaaaaa.............

Hi everyone!!! dah lame rasenye tak update blog,mood tadak...huhuhuh..but now the mood is ON!!!anyway sempena cuti sekolah akan datang ni whats is ur plan for holiday trip?mine?i wud say its our honeymoon la kot..coz last time nak ber-honeymoon ,bulan puase la pulak then after raye i dah start schooling then he s away for 5 or 6 this April ,i ve planned something good for both of us..and i ve got suprise for him as well once he come back home..:)......what s the suprise?hahhaaaa...i choose A GOOD hospitality for him..yippppppppppppieeeeeeeee...

I cant wait for my easter holiday this April and the day he come back home coz we miss him so much
.(WE=me and my home).hhahhhahahahaa

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